The Pro 9 range

Our range of interactive screens for businesses. An all-in-one solution to optimize your working environment. High-quality hardware architecture, intuitive interface, high writing precision and numerous advantages: 4K UHD resolution, Android 9.0 system, front USB ports, USB Type-C port, wireless connection, simultaneous two-color writing...

High-end hardware architecture

Android 9.0
4K UHD resolution

USB 3.0 ports :
Front (x2) / Side (x2)
Built-in speakers (2 x 12W)
Automatic brightness adjustment
3 HDMI 2.0 inputs
2 formats available: 75″, 86″

tactile writing, whiteboard function

20 multi-touch points
simultaneous two-color writing

Writing, drawing and annotations with a stylus or by hand
4K annotations on all sources
Page creation (paperboard)
Document import/export
Integrated web browser
2 styli: thick lead / thin lead

Mirror display

Wireless interaction
between devices

Active display recovery on connected devices

Up to 200 devices connected simultaneously

remote meetings

compatible with your favorite videoconferencing application

IJKOA interactive displays make it easy to use Zoom, Teams, Lifesize and many other video conferencing software solutions.

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