display a device on the interactive screen

4K mirroring (3840 x 2160): display your computer, tablet or smartphone in widescreen format

You can also control your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) from the interactive screen: manipulate the touchscreen to open a document on your PC, browse your files, launch an application...

displaying the interactive screen on a device

Synchronization of the interactive screen desktop with a computer, tablet or smartphone

Control the interactive screen from your device (computer, smartphone, tablet), using it as a remote control.

Up to 9 devices on screen simultaneously

Split-screen or multi-window mode

Multiple devices available on the screen, either in split-screen or multi-window mode, selectable via a thumbnail banner. Open windows can be rearranged, and simultaneous work in several applications is also possible.

extended screen mode

use the interactive screen display to complement the device you're using

You can use the interactive screen display as a dual screen, extending the display of your device. If you're already working in dual-screen mode, Bytelloshare can set up the interactive screen as a 3rd screen in extended display mode.

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