Meeting with 14 Indonesian universities in Hong Kong on the 27th of April


After the launched of the Ijkoa interactive screen on the Asian market, on the 27th of April,  the brand organized a special event which gathers the main delegates of fourteen Indonesian universities. Members of the Ijkoa team introduced the new device and made a quick demo to have an overview of how the interactive screen works.

During this presentation they were more focused on the benefits that this interactive screen can bring for educational field. Many features of the interactive screen were shown such as display, video viewing and the whiteboard used for different tools : mathematics, writing, drawing figures, presenting and watching videos in class, raise curiosity. The most technical aspect, such as the interactive aspect of the screen, where each student can share their works directly in the same screen with one click was put forward. In addition, the possibility to follow distance classes thanks to collaborative software and video conferences proved the high-quality sounds and perfect images of the Ijkoa interactive screen.

Regarding the presentation, we received many positive feedback. We noticed that if we provide Ijkoa interactive screen to Indonesian universities it could generally satisfy more than 75,000 students and can potentially raise their awareness in class and stimulate their creativity. All the universities’ delegates realized how important it was to improve the communication between teachers and students and to develop the interactivity between them, the Ijkoa screen could eventually be a solution. Every delegate was curious about the interactive screen and glad to be able to test the screen and to discover the main functionalities, regarding the pictures.


Following the presentation, a short walk was organized along the Victoria Harbour with all the guests…A nice way to end up the day. All the Ijkoa team is really satisfied with this event, and we would like to kindly thank all the delegates for their attendance to this event.


Ijkoa Teacher