Screen marker software

Android annotation software
(installed as standard)

Import and add notes to documents

All common formats are supported: pdf and image formats (jpeg, png, etc.)

Customizable workspace

Background selection

Depending on the use, select a plain background in the color of your choice
or a background for a particular use.
Some of the pre-recorded features include grids, musical scores, etc.
You can also set a custom background and resolution to suit your needs.

Whiteboard, drawing and writing tools

Line type and size, colors, 2D and 3D shapes

An intuitive interface with lots of ways to explain, write or draw.

Windows annotation software
(optional with pc module)

Adding the optional PC module allows you to use another annotation software under Windows.
It also enables some additional features, which are added to those already offered as standard with Android.

Additional tools and features

Integrated web browser, themed tools

Take advantage of specific scientific tools (math, physics or chemistry) and office tools (timer, instant screenshots and mind maps).

Internet searches and downloads directly from within the software.

Use any kind of document and gain direct access to connected printers

Supports audio and video files, doc & ppt (Microsoft word & PowerPoint)

You can also print directly from the software, without even having to export your document.

Enhanced whiteboard feature

Highlighting, “magic wand” selection, etc.

So many tools for drawing, explaining, capturing students’ imagination and stimulating their creativity.

Integrated e-mailing

Share annotated documents with your colleagues or students via email

Direct access to local or online resources

Download folder and access to local or internal network resources.